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Gangajang - Noisy Talking

Sick and tired every day, they make me mad and it's always the same
Yapping at me here, yapping at me there, noisy people everywhere
Noisy talking, Oh Yeah they're noisy talking

Every time I go to parties, people trap me they just tease
Tell me stories about when they were young, tell me loud and tell me forever
Noisy talking, bloody noisy talking

All the smart lads on the smart side of the street play it cool, real neat
Never talk loud, hardly talk at all, when they do you wanna crawl up the wall

It's not noisy talking, It's real quiet.
It's not noisy talking, I mean these guys are cool - not like some I know

You know I always say if you're gonna, I always say if you're gonna
You gotta talk quiet if you're gonna talk at all
You gotta talk quiet if you're gonna talk at all
You gotta talk quiet if you're gonna talk at all
You gotta talk quiet if you're gonna talk at all
Noisy talking, yeah noisy talking can give the game away
Noisy talking is what all the dummies do
Noisy talking no noisy talking
You gotta be quiet, keep it down

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