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Monifah - I Can Tell

You're not foolin' me

Verse 1

By the way ya dress
By the way ya talk
By the friends you keep
By the Benz you bought
How you treat ya Ex
How you treat ya child
I peeped your style from half a mile
Would you think of me
Sleep with someone else ?
Would ya take the time and protect yourself?
Have you lied to her ?
Would ya lie to me ?
I can tell if it's ment to be

I can tell when guys are all the same (yeah)
I can tell it when you're when your playin' games (playin games)
I can tell what kind of guy you are
I can tell it
I can tell
I can tell what you really want
Ican tell when it's all a front
Gotta know before I go too far
I can tell it
I can tell it

Verse 2
Would you raise your hand ?
Would you raise your voice?
Do you act brand new in front of your boys ?
Did you finish school or did you drop out ?
Have you opened up a bank account?
And if I hang out at the end of the week
Do I detect a jealuos streak?
Do you go for self
Or you aim to please?
Cause I can tell from what I see


Verse 3
Boy I can see what you try to conceal
And boy I can tell when you're keepin it real
If I'm gonna love you
I gotta see straight to your heart

I can tell what kind of guy you are(what kind of man you are)
I can tell it(If you love me yeah)
I can tell it (I can tell it)
I know you like a book
With just one look
It's in your smile
you're really fowl
I can tell by the way you walk
I can tell by the way you talk
I gotta know before I go too f

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