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The Lox - You Told Me

(Sheek ad libbing)

Now you can quote me on this
I bust my gun
Also quote me on this
I handle my biz
I knew it was my house when Run was sayin it was his
I aint lyin
Aint no cords or no steam in this iron
But it is a permanent press
Have these 38 shells spray starch your chest
Leave you stiff
Coroners make ashes of you
In rap I'm like God nigga forever above you
If I don't do it all I just dial my phone
And you get sprayed through your clothes like you put on cologne
If it's not violence or drugs I have nothing to spit
I be lyin if I talk some spiritual shit
Like Kirk Franklin and them
Y'all just aint me
I can't tell you about God but I can tell you about a key
And what I'll do to God's children if they jerk me
Hurt me , never , that'll be a sin
I'ma put the Bible to your head and shoot through Matthew verse 10
C'mon niggas

[Eve and Jadakiss]
You told me you would bust your guns for me
(Yeah bust your gun dog)
You said you'd always sling your pounds
(Sling the hydro green)
Now you're away and you're all that I need
(You're all that I need baby)
But L-O-X will hold it down
(You know the LOX gonna hold it)

I'm back in the game
I still ride the back of the train
And sit right next to jake with a package of caine
Niggas say he realer than me you call him a liar
I got the outtie T T the same color as fire
You just gettin a name
Puttin shit in the game
Stop fakin
I have your doorag lookin Jamaican
Holey as the water in the front of the church
Then find you with no back plus one in your earth
I can't wait for the day you get murt-

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