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Nargaroth - As the Stars Took Me With 'em

Once I begged the stars to take me with 'em
Once I lost my tongue and eyes to be worthy
Now i'm entering the halls of eternity
The pain is incredible, but I don't feel sorrow
Coz I'l be wandering with 'em through all eternity

Ah, it's over, I feel her almighty and peace comes to my mind
Now I am one with the stars, will wandering to where no man dwells
But one day, I will return with the power of the stars
To take away the man from the face of the earth
I'll keep watch on earth side, 'till the last days of her existance
That no human hand can hurt her again

And I will be there, when the blue planet dies
And when the sun explodes
I'll hold his hand on his last journey....

When I wandeing with stars
I will remember of the blue planet, my mother
In all eternity

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