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Negativland - Only A Sample

Not that I have anything against shoe salesmen,
but let me tell you something
See, I was born with a song in my heart, not a shoe.

Hello, Dead-Dog records. If it ain't a Dead-Dog, it ain't barking.
How can I help ya?

There are fifty-million blank cassettes a year sold in this country,
and believe me, they're not being used for dictation.
They're being used to copy records. There is no expemption of copyright
for home taping, period, without the consent of the owner.

What's going on anyways?
What comes out of the machine is different
than what goes in.

The new tech, the new tech, the new technology.

The most important things about the invention of tape
is that it changed music from being an event in time,
into being an event in space.

The relationship between a copy and an original
...into being an event in space.

I think it challanges notions we have about
the relationship between a copy and an original

You can edit it, strech the songs.
And of course then when it's played back,
You're dealing in the same sense
In the same sense you're dealing with any plastic material
And ofcourse, then when it's played back,
it once again becomes an event in time.

But during that intrum
(I suppose)
But during that intrum period, where it's a spacial thing,
you can do lots of things with it.
Lots of things that you never had available
Prior to -, Prior to -, Prior to -,
The invention of tape.

It took while (seeing) before anybody started
seeing the possibilities of this
seeing the possibilities of this

What's the power of reproducing information
back into our own heads?

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